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    After taking off 3 years between albums, in 1987 David Bowie came out with the album “Never Let Me Down.”  Keeping with the commercial sound that made him popular in the early 80’s, Bowie himself said that the album featured songwriting that he was proud of at the time, even though critics widely panned this album.  Fans however thought it was a great album, complete with Bowie’s traditional theatrical sound that they had come to love.  “Time Will Crawl” for instance was used in the French art house movie “Les Amants du Pont Neuf.”  Offering pop culture lyrics, the sound is consistently rock sounding and overall a fun easy listening studio album.

    Never Let Me Down Catalog Number:  EMI Pj 17267

    Never Let Me Down Track Listing:

    1. “Day-In Day-Out” (4:38)
    2. “Time Will Crawl” (4:18)
    3. “Beat of Your Drum” (4:32)
    4. “Never Let Me Down” (4:03)
    5. “Zeroes” (5:46)
    6. “Glass Spider” (4:56)
    7. “Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)” (4:05)
    8. “New York’s in Love” (3:55)
    9. “’87 and Cry” (3:53)
    10. “Too Dizzy” (3:58)
    11. “Bang Bang” (4:02)

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