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    David Bowie, going back to his old standby of the 70’s, decided again to release another concept album “Outside” which was released in 1995.  Departing from his commercial sound, Bowie went back again to his gothic dramas that made him so famous in the beginning.  Once again Bowie was accepted into the rock circle with hits such as “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” and “Hallo Spaceboy.”  Using an investigation of art crime as his theme there was plenty of murder and mutilation as well as an underground art craze with main character Nathan Adler.  Filled with references to his character and their lives, this album reflected the anxiety of the year 1999.  Conceptually interesting and along with the fascinating lyrics, this album is truly one to own.  It reads like a story but with the superb musical arrangement David Bowie once again rose to new heights with “Outside.”

    Outside Catalog Number:  RCA 74321 30702

    Outside Track Listing:

    1. “Leon Takes Us Outside” (1:25)
    2. “Outside” Prologue (4:04)
    3. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” Detective Nathan Adler (4:57)
    4. “A Small Plot of Land” The residents of Oxford Town, New Jersey (6:34)
    5. “(Segue) – Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)” Baby Grace Blue (1:39)
    6. “Hallo Spaceboy” Paddy (5:14)
    7. “The Motel” Leon Blank (6:49)
    8. “I Have Not Been to Oxford Town” Leon Blank (3:47)
    9. “No Control” Detective Nathan Adler (4:33)
    10. “(Segue) – Algeria Touchshriek” Algeria Touchshriek (2:03)
    11. “The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (as Beauty)” The Artist/Minotaur (4:21)
    12. “(Segue) – Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name” Ramona A. Stone and her acolytes (4:01)
    13. “Wishful Beginnings” The Artist/Minotaur (5:08)
    14. “We Prick You” Members of the Court of Justice (4:33)
    15. “(Segue) – Nathan Adler” Detective Nathan Adler (1:00)
    16. “I’m Deranged” The Artist/Minotaur (4:31)
    17. “Thru’ These Architects Eyes” Leon Blank (4:22)
    18. “(Segue) – Nathan Adler” Detective Nathan Adler (0:28)
    19. “Strangers When We Meet” Leon Blank (5:07)

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