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    For David Bowie’s 7th studio album “Pin Ups”, he choose to go in a different direction for his music by releasing an entire album of cover versions of songs.  Released in 1973, it was his last studio album containing members of the band “The Spiders From Mars.”  Fans didn’t seem to mind the cover album, as it entered the UK chart where it stayed for 21 weeks, eventually peaking at #1.  As known for the cover art where Bowie modeled with then supermodel Twiggy, the album “Pin Ups” included songs from his favorite artists at the time such as “See Emily Play” by Pink Floyd and “I Can’t Explain” by The Who.  Other covers included The Kinks, and The Yardbirds who were also influences on his music in the beginning of his career.

    Pin Ups Catalog Number:  RCA APL1-0291

    Pin Ups Track Listing:

    1. “Rosalyn” (The Pretty Things) (2:27)
    2. “Here Comes the Night” (Them) (3:09)
    3. “I Wish You Would” (The Yardbirds) (2:40)
    4. “See Emily Play” (Pink Floyd) (4:03)
    5. “Everything’s Alright” (The Mojos) (2:26)
    6. “I Can’t Explain” (The Who) (2:07)
    7. “Friday on My Mind” (The Easybeats) (3:18)
    8. “Sorrow” (The Merseys) (2:48)
    9. “Don’t Bring Me Down” (The Pretty Things) (2:01)
    10. “Shapes of Things” (The Yardbirds) (2:47)
    11. “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” (The Who) (3:04)
    12. “Where Have All the Good Times Gone” (The Kinks) (2:35)

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