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    Originally released in 1969 in the UK as “David Bowie” and by Mercury in the US as “Man of Words/Man of Music”, it was finally reissued by RCA Records in 1972 as “Space Oddity” and was technically the 2nd album released by David Bowie.  Changing its style from the original self titled album, this album was a mixture of many styles of music such as rock and folk along with balladry.  With a host of collaborators, this album was considered to be Bowie’s first proper album that had potential to be a true commercial success, although it wasn’t.  Either way, the song “Space Oddity” is still considered to be one of his best known songs reaching #6 on the UK charts and really propelling his career forward because although people didn’t know who he was, they knew they wanted to know more.  Also on the album, “Cygnet Committee” was even called his first masterpiece, garnering critical acclaim all over the globe and showing the direction that Bowie would take in future years.

    Space Oddity Catalog Number:  RCA 2593

    Space Oddity Track Listing:

    Side one

    1. “Space Oddity” (5:15)
    2. “Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed” (6:55)
    3. “(Don’t Sit Down)” (0:39)
    4. “Letter to Hermione” (2:28)
    5. “Cygnet Committee” (9:33)

    Side two

    1. “Janine” (3:18)
    2. “An Occasional Dream” (2:51)
    3. “Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud” (4:45)
    4. “God Knows I’m Good” (3:13)
    5. “Memory of a Free Festival” (7:05)

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