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    As the 10th studio album for David Bowie, “Station to Station” was much more of a transitional album but overall, a great one.  Working again with a character, this time using “The Thin White Duke,” Bowie’s critics regarded this album as one of his most significant works.  Using the style of funk and soul he used in his previous album, the themes were dedicated to everything from religion to mythology.  That could be in part due to Bowie’s heavy drug use during this period of time, but all in all unless you knew that at the time, you would just think that it was pure genius.  Ranked #323 on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums of all time, this album had only 6 songs upon initial release such as “Golden Years” his top performing hit and “TVC 15.”

    Station to Station Catalog Number:  RCA LP 3013

    Station to Station Track Listing:

    1. “Station to Station” (10:14)
    2. “Golden Years” (4:00)
    3. “Word on a Wing” (6:03)
    4. “TVC 15” (5:33)
    5. “Stay” (6:15)
    6. “Wild Is the Wind” (6:02)

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