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    “The Best of Bowie” is simply that; the best of what David Bowie had written and released up until 1980.  Including rare versions of “Fame” and “Golden Years” this album was an exceptional compilation that had very unique versions of songs released in both studio and live albums.  What is interesting to note is that the songs weren’t edited to make them sound different at the time, they were edited to allow all 16 tracks to fit on one vinyl LP.  However, by doing that, they accidentially created an entirely new sound for Bowie’s songs, sounds that he loved.  Rising to #3 in the UK, “The Best of Bowie” is a great album that lives up to its name.

    The Best of Bowie Catalog Number:  K-Tel BLP 81001

    The Best of Bowie Track Listing:

    Side 1

    1. “Space Oddity” (5:07)
    2. “Life on Mars?” (3:34)
    3. “Starman” (4:07)
    4. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” (2:56)
    5. “John, I’m Only Dancing” (2:37)
    6. “The Jean Genie” (4:03)
    7. “Breaking Glass” (Live from Stage) (3:27)
    8. “Sorrow” (2:51)
    9. “Diamond Dogs’ (4:36)
    10. “Young Americans” (5:05)
    11. “Fame” (Edit) (3:25)
    12. “Golden Years” (Edit) (3:20)
    13. “TVC 15” (Edit) (3:28)
    14. “Sound and Vision”(3:00)
    15. “Heroes” (Edit) (3:26)
    16. “Boys Keep Swinging” (3:15)

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