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    Released in 1970, “The World of David Bowie” was released in 1970.  Containing material from his first album “David Bowie,” this album was put out simply to highlight the beginning of David Bowie’s musical career.  Not yet famous, but still critically acclaimed, Bowie introduced some previously unreleased songs that did not make it in to his first album such as “The London Boys” and “Karma Man.”  There were also songs such as “Sell Me a Coat” and “Uncle Arthur” that are now looked back upon fondly.  For a true collector of David Bowie music, this album is a must have as it shows a previously unseen Bowie in the beginning of his career.  Just finding his footing in the musical world, the album is really a retrospective into his early life.

    The World of David Bowie Catalog Number: Decca SPA 58

    The World of David Bowie Track Listing:

    1. Uncle Arthur (2:07)
    2. Love You Till Tuesday (3:09)
    3. There Is A Happy Land (3:11)
    4. Little Bombardier (3:24)
    5. Sell Me A Coat (2:58)
    6. Silly Boy Blue (3:48)
    7. The London Boys (3:20)
    8. Karma Man (2:58)
    9. Rubber Band (2:17)
    10. Let Me Sleep Beside You (3:24) *
    11. Come And Buy My Toys (2:07)
    12. She’s Got Medals (2:23)
    13. In The Heat Of The Morning (2:55) *
    14. When I Live My Dream (3:22)

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