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    As if it weren’t enough that David Bowie was a huge solo star, in the late 1980’s Bowie took on a new endeavor and came out with the debut album of “Tin Machine” a group that consisted of guitarist Reeves Gabrels, Hunt Sales on drums, Kevin Armstrong on rhythm guitar and Tony Sales on bass.  Inspired by jamming sessions, this group was originally put together to get Bowie back to the basics with a simple hard rock album with simple production.  It was successful by all accounts, with “Tin Machine” the album reaching #3 in the UK.  Popular singles from this album were “Prisoner of Love” and “I Can’t Read” as well as the title track.

    Tin Machine Catalog Number:  EMI

    Tin Machine Track Listing:

    1. “Heaven’s in Here” (6:01)
    2. “Tin Machine” (3:34)
    3. “Prisoner of Love” (4:50)
    4. “Crack City” (4:36)
    5. “I Can’t Read” (4:54)
    6. “Under the God” (4:06)
    7. “Amazing” (3:06)
    8. “Working Class Hero” (4:38)
    9. “Bus Stop” (1:41)
    10. “Pretty Thing” (4:39)
    11. “Video Crime” (3:52)
    12. “Baby Can Dance” (4:57)

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