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    Released in 1984, just one year after his popular “Let’s Dance” album, the album “Tonight” was widely anticipated.  Featuring collaboration with Tina Turner for the title song, the album is a great representation of the 80’s.  Bowie also collaborated with The Beach Boys in the song “God Only Knows.”  The only hit to make top ten was the song “Blue Jean” which was actually written to go along with a 22-minute short film reflecting Bowie’s interest in theater and drama.  With a theme of religious conflict on some songs, Bowie didn’t go in a different direction necessarily but at the same time it didn’t sound like many of his previous albums.  Either way, fans loved the album and for good reason.  Reaching #1 in the UK, it is a great album.

    Tonight Catalog Number:  EMI B-8246

    Tonight Track Listing:

    1. “Loving the Alien” (7:11)
    2. “Don’t Look Down” (4:11)
    3. “God Only Knows” (3:08)
    4. “Tonight” (performed by David Bowie and Tina Turner) (3:46)
    5. “Neighborhood Threat” (3:12)
    6. “Blue Jean” (Bowie) (3:11)
    7. “Tumble and Twirl” (5:00)
    8. “I Keep Forgettin'” (2:34)
    9. “Dancing with the Big Boys” (3:34)

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