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    Released in 1975, the 9th studio album by David Bowie was a sudden change in style for Bowie but nonetheless, “Young Americans” was both a fan and a critic favorite.  After composing several years of glam rock style albums, Bowie chose instead on this album to add a little soul to his album.  With backing from a then non-famous Luther Vandross, this album was definitely not his usual style.  Slower and with more R&B mixed with what Bowie himself referred to as ethnic music, “Young Americans” contained the hit “Fame” which was actually co-written with Beatle John Lennon.  The album itself reached #2 on the UK chart and the song “Fame” went to #1 on the Billboard pop singles.  Although rather short in quantity of songs, it sure makes up for it in quality.

    Young Americans Catalog Number:  RCA APL1-0998

    Young Americans Track Listing:

    1. “Young Americans” (5:10)

    2.  “Win” (4:44)

    3.  “Fascination” (Bowie, Luther Vandross) (5:43)

    4.  “Right” (4:13)

    5.  “Somebody Up There Likes Me” (6:30)

    6.  “Across the Universe” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) (4:30)

    7.  “Can You Hear Me” (5:04)

    8.  “Fame” (Bowie, Carlos Alomar, Lennon) (4:12)

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