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    Following lackluster reviews on their previous album, U2 set out again to reinvent themselves, but this time going back to their original roots with the album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.”  Receiving 7 Grammy Awards including Song of the Year for “Beautiful Day” and Record of the Year, it seems they succeeded in becoming again one of the best bands in the world.  Other successful singles included “Walk On” and “Elevation” among others.  Going back to original arrangements of guitar, drums and bass, U2 rocketed to the #1 spot.  Considered by some critics to be one of their masterpieces, “All That you Can’t Leave Behind” was a beautifully put together album and a welcome change for some after their electronic music craze.  With thought provoking lyrics and personal stories, it is truly one of their best works to date.

    All That You Can’t Leave Behind Catalog Number:  Island Records/Interscope Records(#548 095-1)

    All That You Can’t  Leave Behind Track Listing:

    1.  Beautiful Day (4:06)

    2.  Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (4:32)

    3.  Elevation (3:45)

    4.  Walk On (4:55)

    5.  Kite  (4:23)

    6.  In a Little While (3:37)

    7.  Wild Honey (3:47)

    8.  Peace on Earth (4:46)

    9.  When I Look at the World (4:15)

    10. New York (5:28)

    11. Grace (5:31)

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