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    Released in November of 2004, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” was U2’s 11th studio album.  Well received by critics, this album is primarily a rock-n-roll guitar sounding album that is reminiscent of their earlier albums with a more rock edge to it.  Dealing with love and war, as well as death, this album is very introspective of how the band was feeling at the time it was released.  Nominated for 9 Grammy Awards, it won all 9, it was the 4th biggest selling album of 2004 and was also named the 68th top album of the decade by Rolling Stone Magazine.  “Vertigo” as well as “City of Blinding Lights” were just two of their successful singles which topped the charts in several countries and also led to their “Vertigo Tour” the following year.  Another song “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own” was an especially emotional song written by Bono in response to his relationship with his dying father.  As one of the greatest albums by U2, this one is truly special.

    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Catalog Number:   Island Records/Interscope Records (#986 782-8)

    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Track Listing:

    1.  Vertigo (3:11)

    2.  Miracle Drug (3:54)

    3.  Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own (5:08)

    4.  Love and Peace or Else (4:48)

    5.  City of Blinding Lights (5:47)

    6.  All Because of You (3:34)

    7.  A Man and a Woman (4:30)

    8.  Crumbs from Your Table (5:03)

    9.  One Step Closer (3:48)

    10. Original of the Species (4:41)

    11. Yahweh (4:22)

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