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    The only predictable thing about Akron/Family is its unpredictability. Formed as a four-piece in 2002, this Brooklyn band has reinvented its sound on each of its five studio albums. Combining folk, psych, and experimental post-rock, Akron/Family is often associated with the American freak-folk movement led by Devendra Banhart, but clearly influenced by the Beatles, Zeppelin, Neil Young – even Radiohead. The band is also known for using traditional instruments in untraditional ways, and manipulating organic sounds like creaking doors, clinking wine glasses, etc., on record. Akron/Family garnered the attention of Swans’ Michael Gira in 2003, signed with his Young God Records label in 2004 (making them label mates with Banhart), and toured with Gira’s band Angels of Light as opener and backing band in 2005. Now on Dead Oceans, Akron/Family is primarily a three-piece consisting of drummer Dana Janssen, vocalist/guitarist Seth Olinsky, and bassist Miles Seaton.

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