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    Best known for his alt-rock/power-pop band Ben Folds Five (actually a trio), Ben Folds has challenged rock conventions with his piano. Born and raised in North Carolina, Folds actually got his start playing bass and drums in various bands, even working as a session drummer in Nashville, before pursuing his career as a songwriter and pianist. Folds formed Ben Folds Five in 1994 in Chapel Hill and the guitarless trio – described by Folds as “punk rock for sissies” and characterized by Folds’ piano, dry humor, and distinct jazz influence – proved to be a break from the angst-ridden norm. Over the course of the ’90s, the band released four albums and a string of hits including “Brick” and “Army.” After the group disbanded in 2000, Folds launched a solo career, recorded music for film, produced albums for other artists, and spearheaded some innovative musical projects. 2008’s Way to Normal remains Fold’s highest-charting album to date.
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