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    In the sea of ’90s alternative rock, Sacramento’s Cake was impossible to ignore. The song “The Distance” from the band’s 1996 sophomore album, Fashion Nugget, was unlike anything on modern rock radio; while guttural-voiced frontmen were screaming with angst and guitarists were vying for the title of “Most Aggressive,” Cake’s John McCrea was singing in his most ironic deadpan and Vince DiFiore was wailing away on his trumpet. With a smirk on their faces, these guys managed to incorporate everything from Mariachi to funk to country into their sound, ultimately baking up an oddly catchy alt-rock concoction that was undeniably Cake. Over the course of six albums and with instantly recognizable hits like “Never There,” “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” and the F-bomb-infused modern-male take on “I Will Survive,” Cake has continued to hold the attention of Generation X (and Y and Z). They also sound pretty darn incredible on vinyl.

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