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    Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon changed the face of noise when they founded Sonic Youth in 1981. Sharing rehearsal space with the New York underground art scene, they took elements of dissonant avant-garde post-punk and free-form noise experimentalism and paved the way for the first wave of American noise-rock bands. For the first time since Hendrix, Sonic Youth rewrote the book on guitar sounds and white noise, with Moore and Lee Ranaldo’s radically unorthodox guitar tunings and screwdriver alterations. The two have acknowledged the surprising influence of Joni Mitchell in their music, as she also used alternative tunings. Exploring more melodic noise rock, free-jazz improvisations, and more compact hard rockers, Sonic Youth is just as important and relevant a force in DIY music 30 years later. And their vinyl catalog isn’t too shabby either.

    Sonic Youth Albums on Vinyl

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