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    Wilco is a band that defies categorization. Formed in 1994 in the wake of seminal roots-rock outfit Uncle Tupelo, the Chicago-based group initially fell under the alt-country tag. However, Wilco soon broke out of that genre’s constraints. They also broke out of their record label’s constraints when their decision to cover new musical ground instead of making a commercially viable fourth album led to their departure from Reprise Records. Finally released by Nonesuch Records in 2002, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot became Wilco’s most successful and critically acclaimed record to date (and safe to say Reprise’s biggest regret). What makes this album so great is Wilco’s willingness to experiment and frontman Jeff Tweedy’s genre-spanning pop sensibilities. These qualities were awarded a few years later when Wilco’s fifth studio album, 2004’s A Ghost Is Born, took home two Grammys. Understatement of the year: Wilco and vinyl are a match made in heaven.

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