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    “Down in the Groove” was a collaborative album that was released as his 25th studio album in May of 1988.  Again, universally panned by critics and fans alike at the time, it was an album made up of almost six years of recording sessions with a variety of musicians.  If you love the sounds of his previously recorded collaboration albums, then you will love “Down in the Groove” which shows Dylan in a more professional light, especially in the remakes of certain songs.  It even brings Dylan together with a top Brooklyn, NY hip-hop group in the song “Death is Not the End” for a completely different sound unlike ever heard from him.  Another great song of this album was “Silvio” performed with “The Grateful Dead” which was the most successful song of the album and would later be included in his Great Hits album.

    Down in the Groove Catalog Number:  Columbia 40957

    Down in the Groove Track Listing:

    1. “Let’s Stick Together” (3:09)
    2. “When Did You Leave Heaven?” (2:15)
    3. “Sally Sue Brown” (2:29)
    4. “Death Is Not the End” (5:10)
    5. “Had a Dream About You, Baby” (2:53)
    6. “Ugliest Girl in the World” (3:32)
    7. “Silvio” (3:05)
    8. “Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)” (2:56)
    9. “Shenandoah” (3:38)
    10. “Rank Strangers to Me” (2:57)

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