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    For true Dylan fans of the 1960’s, “Live at the Gaslight 1962” is an awesome album containing 10 songs from the early Dylan performances at the Gaslight Café in Greenwich Village.  At the time of these recordings, he was unknown to most of the world, and only appreciated by his peers of New York City.  Using technology that included transferring reel to reel tapes from the PA system at the Gaslight to the recording of the album, this is a true collectors item.  First appearing on bootleg LP’s in the early 1970’s, these are the classic Dylan songs that were never heard in this way.  With songs such as “Rocks and Gravel” and “Moonshiner” even critics have to agree that this is the way Dylan was meant to be heard; young, full of inspiration and untypical of any singer that came before or after him.

    Live at the Gaslight 1962 Track Listing:

    1. “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall“ (6:40)
    2. “Rocks and Gravel” (4:58)
    3. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (3:09)
    4. “The Cuckoo” (Is a Pretty Bird) (2:18)
    5. “Moonshiner” (4:05)
    6. “Handsome Molly” (2:44)
    7. “Cocaine” (2:56)
    8. “John Brown” (5:53)
    9. “Barbara Allen” (7:49)
    10. “West Texas” (5:37)

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