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    Continuing on his quest to show the world what born-again Christianity really meant to Bob Dylan, the album “Saved” had a decidedly gospel sound.  It was said Dylan used this as his declaration of faith which is pretty obvious listening to the words and meaning behind the songs.  However, as much as he wanted to profess his love for Christianity, this album wasn’t well received in the US, although it did make it to #3 in the UK.  That didn’t stop him from gaining even more followers with songs such as “Saving Grace” and “Covenant Woman.”  For those who enjoy the gospel sounds of Dylan as well as the overtly religious meaning, this is an album that although panned by critics then has come to show Dylan in an entirely new light as compared to other albums; one that shows his deeper meaningful side.

    Saved Catalog Number: Columbia 36553

    Saved Track Listing:

    1.    “A Satisfied Mind” (1:57)

    2.    “Saved” (4:00)

    3.    “Covenant Woman” (6:02)

    4.    “What Can I Do for You?” (5:54)

    5.    “Solid Rock” (3:55)

    6.    “Pressing On” (5:11)

    7.    “In the Garden” (5:58)

    8.    “Saving Grace” (5:01)

    9.    “Are You Ready” (4:41)

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