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    With his 33rd studio album, Bob Dylan continued his reign of success debuting the album “Together Through Life” in the #1 spot in many countries including the US.   Writing all but one of the songs with Robert Hunter from the Grateful Dead, “Together Through Life” Dylan again produced this album under the name of “Jack Frost” something he did with the previous two albums as well.  There was a mixture of many themes in this album, but as Dylan has been prone to do, a big part was regarding love and the struggles it had given him.  The top song from this album was “I feel a Change Comin’ On” which he has said in several interviews was written especially for his fans for which he felt great appreciation for how they have stood by him in the past two decades when his albums weren’t selling like they used to.  Rather dark at times, much like Dylan, this album is definitely classic Dylan.

    Together Through Life Catalog Number:  Columbia 43893

    Together Through Life Track Listing:

    1.  “Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”  (3:51)

    2.  “Life Is Hard”  (3:39)

    3.  “My Wife’s Home Town” (4:15)

    4.  “If You Ever Go to Houston” (5:49)

    5.  “Forgetful Heart” (3:42)

    6.  “Jolene” (3:51)

    7.  “This Dream of You” (5:54)

    8.  “Shake Shake Mama” (3:37)

    9.  “I Feel a Change Comin’ On” (5:25)

    10.  “It’s All Good” (5:28)

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