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    As the follow up sequel to “Good as I Been to You” the 29th album put out by Bob Dylan “World Gone Wrong” was the second consecutive album made up of only traditional folk songs.  Beautiful sounding with acoustic guitar and harmonica, it’s a darker version of his previous album.  Earning a Grammy award for Best Traditional Folk Album, the songs had a great blues sound that fans have come to respect.  One of the songs “The Two Soldiers” is obviously one of Dylan’s favorites as he has been performing this song live since 1988.  Almost done as a response to the revival of folk music, many of the songs really reach out to those wanting more a bygone era feel.  You can see this in songs such as “Ragged & Dirty” and “Blood in My Eyes” as well as “Stack a Lee.”

    World Gone Wrong Catalog Number:  Columbia 57590

    World Gone Wrong Track Listing:

    1. “World Gone Wrong” (3:57)
    2. “Love Henry” (4:24)
    3. “Ragged & Dirty” (4:09)
    4. “Blood in My Eyes” (5:04)
    5. “Broke Down Engine” (3:22)
    6. “Delia” (5:41)
    7. “Stack a Lee” (3:50)
    8. “Two Soldiers” (5:45)
    9. “Jack-A-Roe” (4:56)
    10. “Lone Pilgrim” (2:43)

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