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    Santana’s fourth studio album, Caravanserai, marks the first significant shift in the band’s sound and personnel. Original bassist David Brown is replaced by Doug Rauch (electric) and Tom Rutley (acoustic); percussionist Michael Carabello is replaced by Armando Peraza; and organist Gregg Rolie plays on fewer tracks, with the band’s future keyboardist Tom Coster stepping in on the rest. But the real turning point here is Santana’s journey into experimental jazz-fusion as the band incorporates more ambitious instrumental suites into its Latin rock sound. As a result, Caravanserai is much more meditative and low-key than its wildly energetic predecessor, Santana III. That is, with the exception of the percussion workout on “Future Primitive” and the funky groove of “Look Up (To See What’s Coming Down).” Songs like nine-minute closer “Every Step of the Way” pay off in the end, however, and Carlos Santana’s mystical interpretation of salsa on “La Fuente del Ritmo” and gorgeous rewrite of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Stone Flower” really work. Caravanserai is a vital artistic achievement.

    Caravanserai Catalog Number:  Columbia PC33135

    Caravanserai Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation – 4:25

    2. Waves Within – 3:54

    3. Look Up (To See What’s Coming Down) – 2:55

    4. Just in Time to See the Sun – 2:13

    5. Song of the Wind – 6:03

    6. All the Love of the Universe – 7:39

    Side Two

    1. Future Primitive – 4:20

    2. Stone Flower – 6:05

    3. La Fuente del Ritmo – 4:30

    4. Every Step of the Way – 9:06

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