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    Festival is Santana’s eighth studio album, and the band’s second produced by David Rubinson. While Welcome marked a return to tighter form, Santana’s Festival achieves the perfect mix of pop accessibility and Latin-fusion. The album begins with the red-hot Latin medley of “Carnaval,” “Let the Children Play,” and “Jugando.” These three tracks flow seamlessly into one another and showcase the furious percussion of Jose Chepito Areas and Raul Rekow. The haunting “Revelations” is one of the album’s more atmospheric instrumentals and features Carlos Santana’s impeccable guitar work. Santana’s Flamenco guitar solo on “Verao Vermelho,” an homage to the late Brazilian singer Elis Regina, is equally noteworthy. Leon Patillo’s vocals appear on multiple tracks, most stunningly on “Try a Little Harder” and soul ballad “The River.” Festival closes like it began with the wild Latin tune “Maria Caracoles.” Though “Give Me Love” and “Reach Up” are radio-friendly, the music still comes first on this album.

    Festival Catalog Number:  Columbia PC34423

    Festival Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Carnaval – 2:16

    2. Let the Children Play – 3:28

    3. Jugando – 2:12

    4. Give Me Love – 4:31

    5. Verao Vermelho – 5:00

    6. Let the Music Set You Free – 3:40

    Side Two

    1. Revelations – 4:32

    2. Reach Up – 5:22

    3. The River – 4:55

    4. Try a Little Harder – 5:04

    5. Maria Caracoles – 4:34

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