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    On 1981’s Zebop!, Santana tackles well-chosen covers and some sweltering instrumentals. They get a major hit out of “Waiting,” a Russ Ballard cover. Other singles include their radio-friendly cover of J.J. Cale’s “The Sensitive Kind,” a cover of Cat Steven’s “Changes,” and their original “Searchin.” There is a trace of Santana’s trademark fusion sound on the bluesy instrumental version of “I Love You Much Too Much” and in the fiery Latin percussion of “Primera Invasion.” But they really recapture some of their Woodstock-era magic on the instrumental “American Gypsy” and “ƒ Papa RŽ.” “Brightest Star” is a soulful rocker on which singer Alexander Ligertwood and Carlos Santana’s guitar take turns on lead vocals. Zebop! also marks the addition of Richard Baker on piano, organ, and synth. Closing with the frenetic instrumental “Hannibal,” Zebop! is a commercially viable album that plays to Santana’s talents.

    Zebop! Catalog Number:  Columbia FC37158

    Zebob! Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Changes – 4:27

    2. ƒ Papa RŽ – 4:32

    3. Primera Invasion – 2:08

    4. Searchin’ – 3:54

    5. Over and Over – 4:46

    6. Winning – 3:28

    Side Two

    1. Tales of Kilimanjaro – 3:24

    2. The Sensitive Kind – 3:32

    3. American Gypsy – 3:39

    4. I Love You Much Too Much – 4:43

    5. Brightest Star – 4:49

    6. Hannibal – 3:41

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