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    Pink Floyd released Atom Heart Mother in October 1970. It was a hit in the UK as it topped the charts, but only reached number 55 in the US. It eventually went gold in America in 1994.Side one consists of the “Atom Heart Mother” suite, which has six segments, featuring a full brass section and choir. The album’s final song, “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast,” has three parts which is joined by dialogue and sound effects. The album was produced by Pink Floyd, with Norman Smith listed as executive producer and was originally released on Harvest, EMI in the UK and Harvest/Capitol, Capitol in the US. A re-mastered CD version was released in 1994 in the UK, and in 1995 in the US

    Atom Heart Mother Catalog Number:

    Capitol CDP 0777 7 46381 2 8-US
    EMI CDEMD 1072-UK

    Atom Heart Mother Track Listing

    1. Atom Heart Mother 23:44
    a. Father’s Shout
    b. Breast Milky
    c. Mother Fore
    d. Funky Dung
    e. Mind Your Throats Please
    f. Remergence
    2. If (4:30)
    3. Summer ’68 (5:29)
    4. Fat Old Sun (5:22)
    5. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast (13:00)
    a. Rise and Shine

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