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    Pink Floyd released their progressive rock album Meddle in October 1971 in the US and in November in the UK. The album has since been remastered and rereleased several times. Meddle was a hit in the UK and reached number 3 on the charts, but only made it as high as number 70 in the US. The recordings are very diverse and experimental in nature, but many fans consider it to be the album where Pink Floyd finally became a band and not individual musicians. Side two of the album consists of one song “Echoes,” which is over 23 minutes long. Meddle was originally released on Harvest, EMI in the UK and Harvest/Capitol, Capitol in the US and was produced by the band.

    Pink Floyd Meddle Catalog Number:

    Capitol CDP 0777 7 46034 2 3

    Pink Floyd Meddle Track Listing

    1. One of These Days (5:57)
    2. A Pillow of Winds (5:07)
    3. Fearless (6:05)
    4. San Tropez (3:40)
    5. Seamus (2:13)
    6. Echoes (23:31)

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