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    Pink Floyd released Soundtrack from the Film More in July 1969, after recording it in London in March. It was their first full-length soundtrack, but there are two songs in the film that donít appear on the album. The original American version was just called More. The album is very diverse and features acoustic folk ballads, instrumentals, and hard rock. It was the band’s first release without founding member Syd Barrett, and the first to be produced without the help of Norman Smith. The album reached number 9 in the UK and after being re-released in 1973, only reached number 153 in the US. A digitally re-mastered CD was released in the mid 1990s. The album was originally released by Columbia/EMI in the UK and Tower/Capitol Harvest in the US.

    Soundtrack From The film More Catalog Number:

    Capitol CDP 077774638623

    Soundtrack from The Film More Track Listing

    1. Cirrus Minor (5:05)
    2. The Nile Song (3:43)
    3. Crying Song (3:20)
    4. Up the Khyber (2:12)
    5. Green Is the Colour (2:58)
    6. Cymbaline (4:50)
    7. Party Sequence (1:12)
    8. Main Theme (5:25)
    9. Ibiza Bar (3:18)
    10. More Blues (2:51)
    11. Quicksilver (6:35)
    12. A Spanish Piece (1:04)
    13. Dramatic Theme (2:11)

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