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    The Beach Boys’ 20th official release includes a mix of covers, Smile outtakes, new Dennis Wilson songs, and new Brian Wilson songs. Of this last group, “Do It Again” captures the band’s classic California rock sound. Single “I Can Hear Music” (a Phil Spector cover) features one of the best Carl Wilson lead vocals, and Dennis’ contributions – “Be with Me,” “Never Learn Not to Love,” and “All I Want to Do” – have the mark of a developing talent. Brian’s live replacement Bruce Johnston even delivers a lush instrumental, “The Nearest Faraway Place.” But the real highlights here are the Smile-era songs. The suite “Cabinessence” is a Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks collaboration that hints at the ambitiousness of the project for which it was intended. “Our Prayer” is another, featuring wordless vocal harmonies in place of instruments. Also included on 20/20 is Brian’s “Time to Get Alone,” which was originally intended for the band Three Dog Night.

    20/20 Catalog Number:  SKAO-133

    20/20 Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Do It Again – 2:24

    2. I Can Hear Music – 2:38

    3. Bluebirds over the Mountain – 2:58

    4. Be with Me – 3:16

    5. All I Want to Do – 2:02

    6. The Nearest Faraway Place – 2:36

    Side Two

    1. Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) – 2:18

    2. I Went to Sleep – 1:32

    3. Time to Get Alone – 2:40

    4. Never Learn Not to Love – 2:34

    5. Our Prayer – 1:05

    6. Cabinessence – 3:33

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