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    All Summer Long is the Beach Boys’ sixth studio album and second release of 1964. It features their first number one single, “I Get Around,” and marks the emergence of more complex arrangements and sumptuous harmonies in their sound – a counterpoint to the British Invasion that was beginning to sweep the country. The album’s title track, featuring Mike Love’s overdubbed vocals, was used as the closing song on George Lucas’ classic film American Graffiti. Other highlights include one of the Beach Boys’ best hot-rod songs “Little Honda,” the upbeat “Wendy,” and their remake of the doo-wop classic “Hushabye.” Because of the album’s more ambitious arrangements, the Beach Boys dubbed their vocals over instrumental tracks performed by session musicians. The surf-ballad “Girls on the Beach” finds all five Beach Boys in an intricate vocal harmony and, like the album, is the perfect bridge between fun-in-the-sun Beach Boys and the more sophisticated Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys.

    All Summer Long Catalog Number:  Capitol Records MFP 50065

    All Summer Long Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. I Get Around – 2:10

    2. All Summer Long – 2:05

    3. Hushabye – 2:37

    4. Little Honda – 1:50

    5. We’ll Run Away – 2:00

    6. Carl’s Big Chance – 2:00

    Side Two

    1. Wendy – 2:20

    2. Do You Remember? – 1:37

    3. Girls on the Beach – 2:25

    4. Drive-In – 1:50

    5. Our Favorite Recording Sessions – 2:00

    6. Don’t Back Down – 1:50

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