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    The Beach Boys’ Love You was almost entirely written and performed by Brian Wilson. In fact, it was intended to be a solo release titled “Brian Loves You,” and Wilson claims this quirky collection of songs is his favorite Beach Boys album. His sense of wonder and romantic innocence are beautifully captured in Side Two’s suite of love songs. “Let’s Put Our Hearts Together” features a duet between him and his wife Marilyn, and “I Wanna Pick You Up” goes from a (very rare) chorus sung in unison to a five-part a cappella harmony. The album shows a preference for layered organ, piano, and synths over drums, bass, and guitar. In addition to love songs and harmonies that defy description, there is charging pop (“Honkin’ down the Highway,” “Roller Skating Child,” “Let Us Go on This Way”) and humor (“Johnny Carson,” “Solar System,” “Ding Dang”). All in all, one of the Beach Boys’ most loveably bizarre albums.

    Love You Catalog Number:  Brother 54 087

    Love You Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Let Us Go on This Way – 1:58

    2. Roller Skating Child – 2:16

    3. Mona – 2:05

    4. Johnny Carson – 2:46

    5. Good Time – 2:51

    6. Honkin’ down the Highway – 2:43

    7. Ding Dang – 0:57

    Side Two

    1. Solar System – 2:49

    2. The Night Was So Young – 2:15

    3. I’ll Bet He’s Nice – 2:35

    4. Let’s Put Our Hearts Together – 2:13

    5. I Wanna Pick You Up – 2:38

    6. Airplane – 3:05

    7. Love Is a Woman – 2:57

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