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    The Beach Boys’ 1985 self-titled album was their first release following the death of Dennis Wilson in 1983. With Culture Club producer Steve Levine at the helm, it introduces drum machines and ’80s synths into the band’s sound. Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, and Al Jardine all have a hand in the songwriting, and Stevie Wonder and Culture Club each contribute a song (“I Do Love You” and “Passing Friend,” respectively). Opener “Getcha Back,” composed by Love and former Byrds producer Terry Melcher, became a Top 40 single. Of Brian Wilson’s contributions, three give writing credit to his controversial psychiatrist, Eugene Landy. “Crack at Your Love” has the best Brian Wilson vocal of the decade, but it’s the upbeat “California Calling” that is the real album standout. Featuring traditional Beach Boys harmonies and exquisite lead vocals by Jardine and Love, it is a 1960s-style classic.

    The Beach Boys Catalog Number:  Caribou LPSVIN149

    The Beach Boys Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Getcha Back – 2:59

    2. It’s Gettin’ Late – 3:26

    3. Crack at Your Love – 3:36

    4. Maybe I Don’t Know – 3:53

    5. She Believes in Love Again – 3:27

    Side Two

    1. California Calling – 2:46

    2. Passing Friend – 4:59

    3. I’m So Lonely – 2:51

    4. Where I Belong – 2:55

    5. I Do Love You – 4:20

    6. It’s Just a Matter of Time – 2:19

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