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    A Hard Day’s Night was the third album created by the Beatles.  Released in July, 1964 in the UK, the album was a soundtrack to accompany the film which bore the same name, which was also the band’s movie debut.  A month after its UK release, the album hit US shelves courtesy of United Artists, and with a track listing different from that of its UK version.  It quickly hit Number 1 in both countries.  A Hard Day’s Night was also the first Beatles album to be completely made up of original songs, all of them composed by the Lennon-McCartney songwriting duo.

    A Hard Day’s Night Catalog Numbers:

    * PMC 1230 (Mono Version)
    * PCS 3058 (Stereo Version)

    A Hard Day’s Night Track Listing

    1.    A Hard Day’s Night
    2.    I Should Have Known Better
    3.    If I Fell
    4.    I’m Happy Just to Dance with You
    5.    And I Love Her
    6.    Tell Me Why
    7.    Can’t Buy Me Love
    8.    Any Time at All
    9.    I’ll Cry Instead
    10.  Things We Said Today
    11.  When I Get Home
    12.  You Can’t Do That
    13.  I’ll Be Back
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