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    Please Please Me was the first Beatles album ever released, and featured the hits “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me”. It is considered one of the greatest rock albums of all time, and launched the career of the most famous rock band that ever existed. Interestingly, the album was not released in the US until the mid-1980’s, however the songs were available on “Introducing The Beatles” and “The Early Beatles” before then. It was recorded in September 1962, and released (In the UK) in March of 1963 on Parlophone records. It was produced by George Martin.

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    Please Please Me Track Listing

    1. I Saw Her Standing There (2:55)
    2. Misery (1:55)
    3. Anna (Go to Him) (2:57)
    4. Chains (2:26)
    5. Boys (2:27)
    6. Ask Me Why (2:27)
    7. Please Please Me (2:03)
    8. Love Me Do (2:22)
    9. P.S. I Love You (2:05)
    10. Baby It’s You (2:38)
    11. Do You Want To Know A Secret (1:59)
    12. A Taste of Honey (2:05)
    13. There’s A Place (1:52)
    14. Twist And Shout (2:33)

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