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    Morrison Hotel, also known as Hard Rock Cafe, is The Doors’ fifth studio album and was released in 1970. The album marked The Doors’ return to basics after a few experimental works which had received mixed reviews. The album also has a slight bias towards blues, which the band would explore more thoroughly in the next album, L.A. Woman. Morrison Hotel was an instant success both with the critics and the fans. Even though there were no major hit singles in this record, it does contain a number of the band’s classic tracks such as “Roadhouse Blues”, “Waiting for the Sun” and “Indian Summer”.

    Morrison Hotel Track listing

    1. “Roadhouse Blues” (Jim Morrison, The Doors) – 4:04
    2. “Waiting for the Sun” (Morrison) – 3:59
    3. “You Make Me Real” (Morrison) – 2:53
    4. “Peace Frog” (Morrison, Robby Krieger) – 5:04
    5. “Blue Sunday” (Morrison) – 2:13
    6. “Ship of Fools” (Morrison, Krieger) – 3:08
    7. “Land Ho!” (Morrison, Krieger) – 4:10
    8. “The Spy” (Morrison) – 4:17
    9. “Queen of the Highway” (Morrison, Krieger) – 2:47
    10. “Indian Summer” (Morrison, Krieger) – 2:36
    11. “Maggie M’Gill” (Morrison, The Doors) – 4:23

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