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    Waiting for the Sun was The Doors’ third (and their shortest) studio album. It was released in 1968 after the success of their first two albums, “The Doors” and “Strange Days”. Although the album has been criticized for its mellow sound and lack of creativity (attributed to the third album syndrome), it was the band’s first and only number one record. Initially, the album was designed such that the track “Celebration of the Lizard” would take up an entire side. However, since the band was never able to complete the lengthy track, it had to be omitted from the record.

    Waiting For the Sun Track Listing

    1. “Hello, I Love You” – 2:14
    2. “Love Street” – 2:53
    3. “Not to Touch the Earth” – 3:56
    4. “Summer’s Almost Gone” – 3:22
    5. “Wintertime Love” – 1:54
    6. “The Unknown Soldier” – 3:25
    7. “Spanish Caravan” – 3:03
    8. “My Wild Love” – 3:01
    9. “We Could Be So Good Together” – 2:26
    10. “Yes, the River Knows” – 2:36
    11. “Five to One” – 4:26

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