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    The Eagles’ sophomore release is a concept album of sorts. Centered around the notorious Doolin-Dalton gang, Desperado draws a parallel between these Wild West outlaws and modern-day rock stars. The album marks the beginning of the Don Henley/Glenn Frey songwriting team, which yielded the single “Tequila Sunrise” and live staple “Desperado.” It’s on this album, too, that Henley’s world-weary vocals and lyrics really start to define the band’s sound. Guitarist Bernie Leadon’s gentle bluegrass influence is still present in “Twenty-One” and the ballad “Saturday Night,” which features some of the best Eagles harmonies to date. Like their debut, Desperado finds all four Eagles rotating lead vocals and Glyn Johns in the producer’s chair. The music has a polish that was unique in country and rock at the time, and there is a considerable amount of range on the album from the hard rocker “Out of Control” to the strings and moody piano intro of the title track.

    Desperado Catalog Number:  Asylum K 53008

    Desperado Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Doolin-Dalton – 3:26

    2. Twenty-One – 2:11

    3. Out of Control – 3:04

    4. Tequila Sunrise – 2:52

    5. Desperado – 3:33

    Side Two

    1. Certain Kind of Fool – 3:02

    2. Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental) – 0:48

    3. Outlaw Man – 3:34

    4. Saturday Night – 3:20

    5. Bitter Creek – 5:00

    6. Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise) – 4:50

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