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    The Eagles released their eponymous debut in the summer of 1972. Produced by Glyn Johns (the Beatles, Led Zeppelin), the album features singles “Witchy Woman,” “Take It Easy,” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” The classic Eagles lineup of bassist Randy Meisner, guitarist Bernie Leadon, drummer Don Henley, and guitarist Glenn Frey strikes the perfect balance between melodic Byrds-influenced rock, country, and Southern California folk. Jackson Browne, Frey’s neighbor at the time, also had a hand in the album, co-writing “Take It Easy” and “Nightingale.” In addition to the Eagles’ knack for vocal harmonies, the album really showcases the bluegrass influence that Leadon (a former Flying Burrito Brother) brought to the band with his banjo and mandolin. Much more dimensional than its singles, this album is solid from top to bottom and brimming with top-notch musicianship. All in all, one of the greatest pop/rock debuts from one of the highest-selling bands.

    Eagles Catalog Number:  Asylum

    Eagles Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Take It Easy – 3:30

    2. Witchy Woman – 4:13

    3. Chug All Night – 3:14

    4. Most of Us Are Sad – 3:36

    5. Nightingale – 4:07

    Side Two

    1. Train Leaves Here This Morning – 4:10

    2. Take the Devil – 4:01

    3. Earlybird – 3:01

    4. Peaceful Easy Feeling – 4:16

    5. Tryin’ – 2:54

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