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    The Eagles’ sixth studio album was a move in an even harder rock direction for the band. This was very well received and the album stole the number-one slot from Led Zeppelin’s In Through the Out Door, making it the last number-one album of the 1970s. The Long Run features the Grammy-winning single “Heartache Tonight,” as well as the popular title track. Founding member Randy Meisner had been replaced by bassist Timothy B. Schmit (who just so happened to replace him in the band Poco years earlier), and Schmit’s “I Can’t Tell You Why” is pure gold. “In the City,” first recorded by Joe Walsh for the Warriors soundtrack, and “The Sad Cafe” both became live staples, as well. Addressing the dark side of Tinsel Town and the downside of fame, The Long Run marks the end of the band’s successful 1971-1980 run.

    The Long Run Catalog Number: Asylum 5E-508

    The Long Run Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. The Long Run – 3:42

    2. I Can’t Tell You Why – 4:56

    3. In the City – 3:46

    4. The Disco Strangler – 2:46

    5. King of Hollywood – 6:28

    Side Two

    1. Heartache Tonight – 4:26

    2. Those Shoes – 4:56

    3. Teenage Jail – 3:44

    4. The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks – 2:20

    5. The Sad Cafe – 5:25

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