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    Exile on Main Street, a double album released by The Rolling Stones in May 1972, featured the popular singles “Tumbling Dice, Happy, and All Down the Line.” The album features rock & roll, blues, country, and soul, and is generally considered to be one of the band’s best recordings and one of the greatest albums of all time. Exile on Main Street contains outtakes and songs written and recorded between 1968 and 1972. However, the majority of the album was worked on in France in 1971, with overdubs and some recording in Los Angeles, shortly before its release. It reached number one in the UK and US. Exile on Main Street was produced by Jimmy Miller and originally released on Rolling Stones/Atlantic.

    Exile on Main Street Catalog Number:

    Rolling Stones Records COC 69100 -UK
    Rolling Stones Records 2COC-2900 -US

    Exile on Main Street Track Listing

    1. Rocks Off (4:32)
    2. Rip This Joint (2:23)
    3. Shake Your Hips (2:59)
    4. Casino Boogie (3:33)
    5. Tumbling Dice (3:45)
    6. Sweet Virginia (4:25)
    7. Torn and Frayed (4:17)
    8. Sweet Black Angel (2:54)
    9. Loving Cup (4:23)

    Disk 2:
    1. Happy (3:04)
    2. Turd on the Run (2:37)
    3. Ventilator Blues (3:24)
    4. I Just Want to See His Face (2:52)
    5. Let It Loose (5:17)
    6. All Down the Line (3:49)
    7. Stop Breaking Down (4:34)
    8. Shine a Light (4:14)
    9. Soul Survivor (3:49)

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