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    The Rolling Stones released Steel Wheels in August 1989, and it was bassist Bill Wyman’s last studio venture with the band. It also featured numerous guest appearances. The album reached number 2 in the UK and number 3 in the US. It also produced the singles “Sad, Sad, Sad, Mixed Emotions, Rock and a Hard Place, Terrifying, and Almost Hear You Sigh.” Steel Wheels was produced by Chris Kimsey and the Glimmer Twins (Jagger and Richards).The album was the band’s first digital recording and was originally released on Rolling Stones/Columbia. It was also remastered and reissued by Virgin Records in 1994.

    Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Track Listing

    1. Sad Sad Sad (3:35)
    2. Mixed Emotions (4:38)
    3. Terrifying (4:57)
    4. Hold on to Your Hat (3:32)
    5. Hearts for Sale (4:40)
    6. Blinded by Love (4:37)
    7. Rock and a Hard Place (5:25)
    8. Can’t Be Seen (4:09)
    9. Almost Hear You Sigh (4:36)
    10. Continental Drift (5:13)
    11. Break the Spell (3:06)
    12. Slipping Away (4:29)

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