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    Aerosmith’s eponymous 1973 debut features one of hard rock’s most classic songs with “Dream On”—a blueprint for all power ballads to come—as well as one of hard rock’s most recognizable guitar riffs with “Mama Kin.” A mix of rockers and boogies, the album strikes a happy medium between the Stones and the New York Dolls and contains all of the dirty guitar riffs, bluesy swagger, and wild tendencies that would come to form the band’s signature sound—aside from Steven Tyler’s high-pitched screeching, that is. Many would agree that the record also contained the blueprint for ’70s and ’80s hard rock. And while the production is a bit raw, that’s all part of the charm. Fun Fact: The (now rare) original pressing of the album misprinted the Rufus Thomas cover “Walkin’ the Dog” as “Walkin’ the Dig.” The second pressing of the album in 1976 corrected this error and altered the album art to feature only the photo of the band members.

     Aerosmith Catalog Number: Columbia KC 32005

    Aerosmith Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Make It – 3:45

    2. Somebody – 3:45

    3. Dream On – 4:28

    4. One Way Street – 7:12

    Side Two

    1. Mama Kin – 4:25

    2. Write Me – 4:11

    3. Movin’ Out – 5:03

    4. Walkin’ the Dog – 3:12

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