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    Named after its only consistent member, the late Ronnie James Dio, Dio the band was a major force in the heavy metal world of the 1980s. Formed in 1982 by Dio and Vinny Appice after leaving Black Sabbath, the band hit the ground running with the release of its 1983 debut, Holy Diver, which produced the hit singles “Rainbow in the Dark” and “Holy Diver.” They carried this momentum with 1984’s The Last in Line, whose title track was the biggest hit of the band’s career. More melodic than Black Sabbath, Dio was obsessed with fantasy themes and its stage show was full of props and special effects. Though veering away from the dungeons and dragons in the ’90s, Dio brought them back on 2002’s medieval-themed Killing the Dragon. No doubt about it, Dio SLAYS on vinyl.

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