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    Formed in Essex in 1980, Depeche Mode is one of the most successful electronic bands of all time. Embracing synthesizers and employing innovative sampling techniques, their dark “industrial-pop” sound resonated with the goth subculture in America while simultaneously making them teenage idols in the UK. As the ’80s drew on, Depeche Mode’s sound grew more ominous and the band grew more popular, peaking in 1990 with the release of Violator and its 1993 follow-up, Songs of Faith and Devotion. Their songs – which include the hits “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “People Are People,” “Blasphemous Rumours,” “Strange Love,” “Enjoy the Silence,” “Personal Jesus,” “World in My Eyes,” and “Barrel of a Gun” – have been covered by everyone from Johnny Cash to Tori Amos. Needless to say, Depeche Mode is amazing on vinyl.
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