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    Turntable cartridges, which are attached to the end of the record player’s tonearm, contain a stylus, which in turn contains the needle. The needle usually consists of a diamond or a metal pin which runs down the grooves on the record, causing a vibration which is ultimately amplified in to sound. Aside from cartridges made long ago (before the 60's) and Bang & Olufsen, which used a proprietary cartridge fitment, there are only two fitment styles in the whole world of stereo cartridges. These styles are called half-inch and p-mount. All magnetic cartridges have similar outputs and load requirements, and are functionally interchangeable. The great majority of cartridges are "moving-magnet" type and have (nearly) identical values for impedance and capacitive load. Within the same fitment, all cartridges are basically interchangeable, but differ in quality.

    Many companies market cartridges, including Audio-Technica, Clearaudio, Numark and Oracle Audio to name just a few.

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