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    The Jensen brand name is the mark of a line of high quality, affordable and fun audio products for the discerning consumer. Jensen’s turntables offer superior sound and reliability with an style that is uniquely retro. Whether it’s the vintage hi-fi look of the JTA-220 and JTA-380, or the sleek aesthetics of the JTA-450, these record players
    combine technical functionality with a deliberate polish to home furnishing décor. The JTA-380 and JTA-450 (this model includes an AM/FM radio) are USB-ready and able transform your vinyl collection into MP3s, so you can take your musical library anywhere. All of Jensen’s turntables offer the 3 speed option of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM,
    with the JT-380 and JT-450 offering belt drive. Other notable features: Built-in speakers, power indicator, dust cover, and a 90 day warranty. Put your favorite album on the platter and experience the Jensen difference.

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