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    Vintage Record Players are those that are considered significantly old enough to warrant the classification of “Vintage” (or “classic,” “antiquated,” etc.). Some companies and trademarks are altogether defunct, not in operation, or for some reason have exited the turntable market altogether. Many vintage record players are highly sought after and can fetch prices that reach tens of thousands of dollars. Antique shows and auctions often feature extremely rare antique phonographs.

    There exist many online outlets for enthusiasts of classic record players to find information about such equipment and buy, sell or trade with others. Some examples include Audiotools.com, Garage-a-records.com, Retrowonders.com, Collectibledetective.com, Vintagetub.com, Ultraelectronicactive.com, Mademen.com, Videointerchange.com, Everythingradio.com, and of course popular sites such as Amazon and eBay.

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