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    3 speed record players are able to play records at speeds of 33 1/3 (sometimes 33), 45 and 78 rotations per minute, or “RPM.” (An additional speed of 16 2/3 marks the rare 4 speed turntable.) This turntable format is now taken for granted, but was introduced in the mid 1950s, before which time there existed record players with more limited playback speeds.
    The earliest 3 speed record players had few of the other features one expects on a turntable today, including pitch control, stylus lights or a USB port, but were considered novel at the time.

    Most manufacturers marketing turntables today feature 3 speed options on at least some of their models. These companies include Sony, Numark, Gemini, Stanton, Audio-Technica, ION, Jensen, Thorens, and Crosley among many others.
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