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    The Chicago based Webster corporation – popularly known as Webcor – made its historical mark with a rich line of audio products for the discerning 20th century consumer. The Webcor turntable stands out as a hallmark of this dedication to craftsmanship and a remarkable music playback experience. Whether it’s an attractive, vintage 1950 blonde wood record player with the standard-for-the-time 45 and 78RPM, or the groovy 1960s portable phonograph with speeds of 16, 33, 45 and 78RPM, Webcor serves up a unique sonic experience for the listener with a taste for that which can only be described as a mid-century audiophile’s dream. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get familiar all over again with Webcor, the company famous for its all-tube signal path and hand-wired circuit. It will truly wow (and flutter!) you.
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