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    Converting to Islam in December 1977, Cat Stevens would decide to retire from his successful music career in 1979 in order to fully dedicate his life to the teachings of Islam. Though he would release music as Yusuf Islam, Back to Earth would be his last album of Western pop until An Other Cup in 2006. For the album, Stevens reunites with his old team, producer Paul Samwell-Smith and guitarist Alun Davies. He sticks mostly to his classic, gentle ballads, but takes a funkier turn on Side Two. The disco-esque “Nascimento” features horns by the Tower of Power and sax by Don Weller, and the synth gospel-pop of “New York Times” features backing vocals from the McCrarys and Luther Vandross. Like many of Stevens’ early ’70s releases, Back to Earth explores the themes of childhood, lost loves (in this case also a metaphor for the music industry), and father and son relationships. Sadly, Stevens’ father, Stavros Georgiou, died on the day of the album’s release.

    Back to Earth Catalog Number: A&M SP-4735

    Back to Earth Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Just Another Night – 3:47

    2. Daytime – 3:54

    3. Bad Brakes – 3:27

    4. Randy – 3:08

    5. The Artist – 2:27

    Side Two

    1. Last Love Song – 3:27

    2. Nascimento – 3:14

    3. Father – 4:07

    4. New York Times – 3:25

    5. Never – 2:59

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